Memorandum of Association of PLASMA SCIENCE SOCIETY OF INDIA




(The Registered office: Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad)


The objective of the society are to promote and popularise plasma science in India:


  • To encourage the study of all aspects of Plasma Science & Technology.

  • To promote active ineraction among all persons, bodies, educational and research institutions (private and/or state owned) and industries in the field of Plasma Science & Technology.

  • To issue such publications (e.g. newsletters, reports, bulletins. journals incorporating research and teaching ideas, e-newsletter etc.) from time to time , as may be decided upon by the Executive Council of the society.

  • To popularise the plasma science among the educational and research institutions and the general public of India by

    • Arranging lectures/conferences/workshops on various aspects of plasma science & technology

    • Striving to include plasma scince courses in colleges and universities-curricula

    • Cooperating in the conduting of symposium , conferences, pannel discussions, workshops, etc.

    • Supporting research students in the form of research fellowships and travel support to attend plasma conferences in India.

  • To encourage coordinated research programmes among Indian Plasma Scinentists and exchange of research personnel between research institutions and Universities in India.



© PSSI 2008

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