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PSSI - Executive Committee for 2022-2024


Prof. N. P. S. Saini

Guru Nanakdev University, Amritsar

Vice President

Dr. Ram Prakash

IIT - Jodhpur

General Secretary

Dr. N. Ramasubramanian

IPR, Gandhinagar


Mr. C. K. Gupta

IPR, Gandhinagar





Dr. Sachin Kaothekar

Medi-Caps University, Indore


Dr. Ritesh Sugandhi

IPR, Gandhinagar


Ms. Karishma Quereshi

IPR, Gandhinagar


Ms. Chayya Kiran Chavda

IPR, Gandhinagar


Dr. Gunjan Purohit

DAV College, Dehradun


Dr. Updesh Verma

Manyavar Kanshiram College, UP


Dr. Barnali Sarma

University of Delhi


Dr. Vikram Singh Dharodi

IPR, Gandhinagar

A K Sundaram Memorial Lecture 2021


The first A K Sundaram Memorial Lecture was delivered by Dr. Gurudas Ganguli from the Naval Research Laboratory, USA on 13 Dec, 2021 during the Plasma 2021 held at BIT Mesra, Jaipur Campus.




Parvez Guzdar Young Scientist Award Lecture 2021


The Parvez Guzdar Young Scientist Award for the year 2021 was delivered by Dr. Gopal Hazra of Leiden University, The Netherlands. He was awarded the prize for his work on Solar dynamo and dynamical plasma phenomena in the sun, stars and interstellar medium.

J.S. Sodha PSSI Plasma Award Lecture 2021


The first J.S. Sodha-PSSI plasma award lecture was delivered by Dr. Shantanu Karkari of Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar.  He was awarded the prize for significant research contributions through publications in reputed journals in plasma physics.

Click image to view the video

Click image to view the video

Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies

Division of Plasma Physics (AAPPS-DPP)

India is now a member of AAPPS-DPP and members of PSSI wanting to join this group are requested to contact Secretary, PSSI at <pssi@ipr.res.in> for recommendation for membership to AAPPS-DPP

Past PLASMA conferences - Memories

Indian Plasma Physics Preprint Server is a, free e-print server to promote open access to scientific articles and literature. Authors are welcome to submit their work that belong to the subject area of Plasma Science and Technology or related areas of interest to the Plasma and Fusion Science community.


PSSI members are requested to make use of this preprint repository.


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